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The u-tender tender platform allows you to make offers REALLY comparable – without Excel chaos but with crystal-clear results.

Customers from all industries rely on logo - from
small family businesses to international global corporations.

What our customers say

“I appreciate working with OCCON because they are more than a tendering platform and bring logistics expertise in procurement and data management, to support the centralization of our logistics procurement. The OCCON team and their e-sourcing solution u-tender are very flexible. Their solution can be fully adapted to our needs and not the other way around. U-tender is very easy to use, for us and for suppliers, and it allows to gain efficiency in the tender process and accuracy in the decision making.”
Valentin Pilard

Senior Global Buyer Manager – Transportation & Warehousing

“Steinbeis Papier uses OCCON’s “u-tender” e-sourcing platform to tender our logistics services and other selected commodities.


“u-tender” convinces both us and our suppliers with an extremely high-performance user interface, which is usually understood right away without any explanation or support.


“u-tender” is fast, clearly designed & offers useful functionalities to enable optimal tender results.


We like that after the first bidding phase we have several options to continue the tender. E.g. via auctions or second rounds of tenders. All documents and inquiries from suppliers are stored revision-safe in the relevant tender section at any time, which ensures transparency and a central database.


The convincing user experience on “u-tender” helps us to carry out professional and transparent tenders with our valued business partners and potential new suppliers to ensure fair negotiation results for everyone involved.”

Torben Link

Head of Procurement, Steinbeis Papier GmbH

“OCCON is a reliable partner for us, when using their u-tender platform for our purchasing and tender activities for all means of transport. They guarantee a transparent, fair and compliant tender process and offer comprehensive additional support and analytical services.”
Jens-Oliver Oster

Head of Supply Chain Executions, EuroChem

“The use of the u-tender e-sourcing platform enables us to handle a wider range of suppliers – and still we need less time than before.”

Riccardo Bianchi

Raw Materials & Supply chain Manager

E-sourcing adapted to your requirements

Rigid systems, overloaded tools and lengthy training is not what moves you and your business forward. Profit through u-tender:


The web-based tool can be easily integrated into your existing processes and is quickly ready for use thanks to its intuitive operation.

Adjustments during the process are easily possible

Personal 1:1 support means that questions and problems are quickly clarified


The entire process of data management, purchasing, monitoring and controlling is clearly mapped in a single tool.

u-tender provides you with a detailed picture of the best comparable offers through flexible queries.

Flexible & scalable

The tool is tailored to your individual needs: use & pay only for what you really need

If your requirements change, we adapt the tool to your new situation

More time for strategy & tactics - the tool manages the data

Flexible queries

Automatically request ALL relevant information from your supplier (RFI / RFQ).

Matching comparisons

Get an overview of offers with all important information in just a few seconds

Allocation of authorisations

Decide for yourself who can see what information and who cannot.

Seamless allocation

Decide on your ideal offer and award the contract directly to the supplier.

Automatic verification

The platform automatically checks whether all entries in your columns have the correct values and points out errors to the suppliers before the offers reach you.

Changes possible at any time

If parameters of your previous entries change, you can adjust them in the running system without much effort.

E-sourcing in 5 simple steps

Collect data

Calls for tenders start

Manage tenders

Analyse results

Contract management

These companies already benefit from u-tender

Fertiliser manufacturer



Turnover: 10 billion USD


Complex decision criteria and consideration of capacity constraints at multi-dimensional geographical levels in the global tendering process


Error prevention and decision-ready analysis preparation in minimal time


Mapping of complex requirements in the tender, as well as optimisation taking into account capacity restrictions using an algorithm to find the best solution in minutes


10 years of cooperation with teams in Germany and Russia

Brewery Group



Turnover: 22 bn EUR


Non-transparent, decentralised, regular purchasing of new weekly requirements from 62 business units worldwide on the spot market


Structured and centrally organised and monitored purchasing process


Worldwide requirements are implemented centrally and tendered in bundles according to a jointly developed schedule. Regional buyers can check the results, while the awarding is done centrally


10 years /
62 business units worldwide reduced from chaotic purchasing to weekly mini tenders per mode of transport through centralised purchasing

Stock-listed Pharmaceutical
and laboratory supplier



Turnover: 2.3 bn EUR


Complex delivery flows (in/out/3rd party) in different transport modes (sea,air,CEP/parcel) with different service levels


Mapping the complexity in data mgmt, tender mgmt and contract mgmt


Implementation of the complex structure, as well as simple presentation of complex analyses for finding the suitable logistical network partners


7 years of cooperation and tripling of freight volume during this time

You are interested and would like to try u-tender:
Here's how:


Get a detailed insight into our tool, what possibilities it offers you and how it works.

Initial interview

We clarify which challenges you face and which functions of our tool are interesting for you.

Individual offer

You will receive an offer that is tailored to your scope of use and the type of further support we will provide.


u-tender is tailored precisely to your company and is therefore ready to use.


As one of the most successful boutique logistics and procurement consultancies in Europe. With excellent customer satisfaction rates, over €6 billion spend volume per year and 15 years of e-sourcing experience, we understand the complexity of the entire purchasing process. With u-tender, we make these complex processes simple to make your daily work easier.

In order to be able to support you even better, we offer you additional consulting in the areas of strategy, purchasing and controlling with OCCON.

See for yourself:


As a matter of course. Our customers have been using our platform for over a decade in all modes of transport. Including not only the main ones such as land, sea and air transport but also niches such as rail, inland waterway or coaster, etc. Not to forget, of course, CEP services and warehouse tenders.

Our support is located in Germany as well as in Istanbul as a gateway to Asia. The quality of our support is more important to us than the location. Instead of a call centre in Asia, our support is informed about every running tender. Our customers as well as the bidders in Asia and the USA are always highly satisfied with our support.

You will be assigned a key account who will help you with on-boarding and discuss all the details with you. Our team is staffed with qualified buyers and logisticians.

This is not comparable to an SAP introduction. Within a few days and up to a maximum of 2 weeks, everything is discussed, individually configured and usable.

This essentially depends on the scope. In general, we expect about 3 months from data collection to award. In the case of poor data quality and/or missing tender documents, a little more must be invested in preparation.

After commissioning, the project can be started immediately.

You will usually receive a qualified individual offer within one week.

We take your requirements and get a tailor-made offer. You only pay for what you really need! We are also happy to offer different options.

We cover German, English, Spanish and Turkish.

Of course, you can use the service providers already registered and also request our support in the selection process. Registration and participation in the tenders is 100% free of charge for the DL. You are welcome to invite new service providers and contacts, there are no restrictions.

The platform is very intuitively designed, so that no manual is required to a large extent. In addition, there are videos directly where you need them. Manuals can of course also be created on request.

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